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Hi, I am Kevin. I am a composer based in South Florida. I love to write classical music, score films and television shows, and help other composers bring their work to life. I am a musical evangelist, in that I write music which introduces new audiences to the joy, drama, and adventure of classical music through familiar colors and lush textures, while engaging seasoned audiences with an underlying craftsmanship and sophistication.

Please feel free to reach out at [email protected]. I am happy to discuss performances of my existing works, or projects to create new ones.

‘… expertly orchestrated and beautifully written.’

John Corigliano, composer

‘[Running on Rooftops], with its heroic wind and string lines, majestic brass and punctuating percussion, sweeps the listener into a world filled with innocent, yet boisterour, imagery.’

Kevin Scott, composer

‘Kevin is a fantastic collaborator who highlights the strengths of each instrument while being true to his musical voice. It’s not just his artistry that is so impressive but also his ability to refine his work that enhances it. Simply put: Kevin writes music that I love to sing.’ 

Megan Ihnen, mezzo-soprano

‘… a keen sense for mood evocation and tonal balances in a score that drips of mystery and the ominous.’

Peter Jacobi, Bloomington Herald Times