Fanfare for Winds

Premiered: Metropolitan Wind Symphony, Lewis Buckley, conductor. Runner-up in the Metropolitan Wind Symphony 40th Anniversary Fanfare Competition

Year: 2009

Duration: two minutes

Difficulty: Grade 4+

Instrumentation: Wind ensemble

Program Notes:

FANFARE FOR WINDS, written in 2009, is based on ideas from my Brass Quintet No. 1, originally written for my friends in the Wayne State University Brass Quintet. Although the piece worked well, it was clear from the first rehearsal that the musical material would be well suited for a large ensemble. When an opportunity arose to work on another piece for wind symphony, I jumped at the chance to revisit my earlier work.

Lasting about two minutes, the fanfare opens with the trumpets, which are quickly imitated by the rest of the brass. The piece’s principal melody is then thrown across many different instrumental colors, gradually being turned backwards along the way. As soon as this transformation is complete, the piece leaps back into the opening trumpet idea, racing to the finish.