Out in the Storm

Premiered: Laura Klugherz, violin, Heather Coltman, piano

Year: 2014

Duration: nine minutes

Difficulty: Advanced/Professional

Instrumentation: violin and piano

Program Notes:

I. PRELUDE: CLOUDS GATHERING – This movement is the hint of an oncoming storm. Small gestures in the piano and a somewhat ominous melody in the violin are meant to alert that a storm is on the horizon, punctuated by the distant sound of thunder. 1:40

II. RAINDROP MONTUNO – Raindrops start to fall from the piano, at first sparse and random. Eventually these drops form a syncopated montuno rhythm. This creates a cascading accompaniment in the piano, with the violin singing the melody. Falling modulations signal that the rain is getting stronger. The piano moves to the bottom of its register to signal the first loud thunderclap nearby. 3:00

III. THUNDERCLAP BASSDROP – This movement uses various effects in the piano to mimic echoing thunderclaps, which double as dubstep-like bass drops at certain moments. The violin plays an ever-more frantic line, as the storm winds reach full strength. A loud thunderclap provides a final bass drop to end the movement. 3:00

IV. POSTLUDE: ORANGE SUNSET – Echoes of the piano from the prelude start this movement, as the storm clouds are clearing. The violin returns with the original melody that has been somewhat softened. Strummed piano strings and a ringing violin harmonic represent the last ray of sunlight peaking over the horizon. 1:30