Simple Sarabande

Premiered: The Florida Atlantic University Symphony Orchestra, Laura Joella, conductor

Year: 2015

Duration: seven minutes

Difficulty: Advanced/Professional

Instrumentation: perc/harp/clsta/strings

Program Notes:

SIMPLE SARABANDE almost functions as a rondo, but with gradually expanding statements. Woodwind soloists introduce fragments of a melodic idea as an introduction, followed by a slightly more complete first statement. The statement is interrupted by a short bridge, which is followed by an even more complete statement. This same pattern continues throughout the movement, as thematic statements and interruptions continue to expand in telescopic fashion. The result is a slow, somber work that builds in its intensity until it collapses under its own weight.
The content of this work stems from my Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, Winds, and Percussion, and has been refashioned for orchestra as a standalone piece.