What the Eyes Speak: Concerto for Two Percussion and Chamber Orchestra

What the Eyes Speak will be a 12 to 15 minute, single-movement concerto for two percussion and chamber orchestra. It is meant to address the overlooked prevalence of depression, and how it interferes with our ability to see the good in the world. Like Ive’s Unanswered Question, one performing force wrestles with its reaction to the repeated stimuli of the other. In this work, the soloists act as an internal monologue, reacting to the outside world of the chamber orchestra through the changing lens of depression. The goal of this piece is to illustrate and illuminate the internal battles that mute our engagement with the world, while reminding us that, despite our struggles, there is always beauty to be found.

Arx Duo and I are inviting any interested chamber orchestras to join us in a consortium to commission this piece. Below is a sampling of scores and recordings of some of my previous compositions to help you get to know my compositional voice. Please contact me via the Contact page above if you have any questions regarding this project.


Imagined Adventures: Running on Rooftops

Simple Sarabande

Imagined Adventures: AutoBonn

Out in the Storm