Which Way? (2006)

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Commissioned: Anchor Bay High School Chorale, 2005

Duration: five minutes

Instrumentation: SATB mixed chorus and piano

Program Notes:

This piece was written during my Senior year at Wayne State University for the Anchor Bay High School Chorale. Many of the students this piece was written for are at a point in life where they need to begin making decisions about their future, which was the same predicament I found myself in during this time. This piece is about trying to make those long-term decisions, and just how difficult and unclear the choices can be.

Text by the composer:

Heavenly mass Soaring through infinity, On a path guided by Ancient Stars

Which way will you go?

Upon the galaxy’s end Heavenly mass released Free to float Until it finds a new path

Which way will you go?

Continue onward To another world? To the end of the Universe? Will you ever return?

Which way?